Switch to faster 64 bit processors

Smartphones and computers have evolved a lot in past few years. Most of the people are using the android smartphones. Even kids show much interest to use the gadgets like android mobile phones. The speed and performance of the computer and smartphones has improved a lot. Application and games used in smartphones has high graphics and interactive user interface. So you need lot of RAM memory to play your game smoothly. To increase the RAM utilization, we need better processors. 32 bit processors can handle only 4 GB of RAM but 64 bit processor can handle more billions of GB RAM. 4GB RAM seems to be enough for mobile devices these days, but with high quality camera which capable of capturing 4k ultra high quality videos cannot work fine with 32 bit processor efficiently.

64 bit processors

We used only 2 megapixel rear camera mobiles few years back. But in 2015, even mid range normal android mobile comes with 5 MP secondary cameras and 13 MP primary cameras. Few high end mobiles come with 21 megapixel primary camera which is capable of capture 4k video by itself. In 2015, there are plenty of mobiles spotted out with 4 GB of RAM. So in near future, phone with more than 4 GB can be normal. Likewise 64 bit processors become familiar already. Snapdragon 808 to 820 series using 64 bit architecture. In mid range few 600 and 400 snapdragon series also support 64 bit architecture.

In simple terms we can say performing a task by smartphones is just a series of computations. By using 64 bit processor, we can do more computations per second rather than using the 32bit processor. 64 bit processors are started gaining popularity in 2015 itself, as it can utilize more RAM and consume less energy. 64 bit processors are faster; provide better video and graphic performance. All apps are running really faster and smoother in 64 bit ART based processors rather than normal Dalvik runtime. It is more secure to use 64 bit processor.

You can encrypt or decrypt your data much faster than using normal 32 bit architecture. Multitasking is much easier, you can play music and browse on the internet, or play 3D games with high graphic animation. You can quickly switch between tasks without delay. You can play more intensive games without any flick. So we can conclude 64 bit architecture is the future mobile trend.