How to safeguard your social media account

Social media is the fastest way of communication in today’s trend. We can communicate particular information to large audience in a matter of second. There are many popular social media available today, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter etc. We can use social media personally and commercially. We can promote our products online. Like TV advertisements, it is one of the effective ways to deliver information about our product or service to customers. Before create our own account for our personal or commercial use we should know how to safeguard our account. We should set our privacy settings properly. Privacy setting allows us to configure what information can be seen by public and what information is not allowed to see.

You may provided many personal information to your social media website when create your account. Later you can decide what information can be visible to others; it is also possible to show your personal information to particular audience. For example, you can choose to show you email id and phone number visible to your friends. The friends who lost your contact accidently can quickly get your email Id and mobile number from your social media page. But anonymous people cannot access your details. Not only your contact details but you can hide your profile picture, friends and lot more. This feature is extremely useful to prevent misuse of your valuable information.

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In order to safeguard your account from hacking, you should secure your account with strong passwords. Normally people used to keep their pet’s name, mobile number, best friend’s name, date of birth as their passwords. It is easily breakable passwords. So you should keep strong password that is hard to predict. Password length should be more than eight characters long, with one special character and one number. So it will be hard to break using brute force or any other hacking methods. More importantly you should accept friend request, when you know the person well personally.

It is not wise to accept friend requests; only because of that person is from same college or office. Once you got any request, first see their profile and accept the friend request. It is also advisable to avoid clicking any links that are posted by unknown person, as it may infect dangerous virus in your device. By understanding the risks involved in social media account, we can act wisely to avoid any unpleasant situation.